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Energy Insights: Nuclear Consumption

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Nuclear Consumption

Nuclear Power Consumption per region. There has been a huge increase in Nuclear power consumption from 1970 to 1990, but environmental concerns stifled the growth in the 1990s. The dip in 2004 was cuase by Japanese nuclear plant being shut down due to maintenance concerns - these have since been bought back online. Nuclear power might well increase further if the environmental debate deems it is better for the environment (due to lower CO2 emissions) then coal/gas/oil - and this is considered more critical than other environmental/safety concerns. Note: most electricity in Finland and France is generated from Nuclear power plants at relatively low cost. The UK Nuclear power is declining due to environmental lobby and high new built costs and de-commissioning cost liabilities.  
Nuclear Consumption - the 14 largest countries. Despite the environmental lobby, the USA has grown it's nuclear power production/consumption over the long term. France's production has also expanded significantly - they are now the second biggest producers in the world. Japan's production was hit in 2003 from maintenance issues - though these plants are now back online. South Korea's production has increase significantly - because they do  not have any indigenous coal, gas or oil - power is generated mainly from Nuclear and imported LNG.

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