84: Peak Oil wesbites and links 14-10-2007 2:55 pm

Top Peak Oil Websites

  • Association for the Study of Peak Oil
  • Life After The Oil Crash
  • Oil Depletion Analysis Centre
  • HubbertPeak.Com
  • PeakOil.Com
  • Drydipstick
  • Energy Bulletin
  • Wolf At The Door : An Introduction
  • Global Public Media

    Peak Oil Links


    Peak Oil Primer  Excellent overview of the oil crisis


    Hubbert's Peak  A must visit! Named after the late Dr. M. King Hubbert, Geophysicist, this website provides data, analysis and recommendations regarding the upcoming peak in the rate of global oil extraction.


    DKospedia Peak Oil  A good peak oil wiki


    PeakOilAware - Peak Oil Promotional Material  Promote Peak Oil Awareness with products from PeakOilAware.


    Kurt Cobb  Global resource wars: The Rosetta Stone What is the nature of the connection between an ill-planned war in Iraq; the steadily increasing pressure on dissent in the United States; the ongoing estrangement between the United States and its tradition


    Alt-E  This site is intended as a virtual watering hole for Alaskans groping their way into a future characterized by increasing high-quality primary-energy-source scarcity, i.e., a "bottleneck" future.


    Peakoil Blog  Blogging the global peak and delcine...


    Peak Oil Crisis

   Good Peak Oil site.


    Wolf At The Door  The beginner's guide to oil depletion


    DryDipStick  An excellent peak oil metadirectory

      "If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst."


    Peak Oil Videos

  • Peak Oil Documentary (Online)
  • Fuelling The Future (DVD)
  • Peak Oil : Imposed by Nature
  • End of Suburbia (DVD)
  • End of Suburbia (Online)
  • How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
  • Peak Oil Audio
  • Understand Peak Oil (Online)
  • Ultimate Introduction (Online)
  • The History of Oil (Online)
  • The War for Oil (Online)
  • Entering The Age of Oil Depletion (Text & Audio
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