112: Oil Refineries and power stations - stunning photos 31-05-2008 12:06 am team

This Special Report shows some earth photos of major oil refineries and power stations in N Europe and USA. They are incredible construction efforts and critical to the oil processing and energy requirements of the UK, USA and Holland. Their areas are large, though relative to the overall area of these countries, they ar tiny compared to the benefits in energy requirements and employment for these countries. One can see how outside their boundarie is normally pristine well kept countryside - farming land.  

Ellesmere Port

Sellafield Nuclear Power Stations


Drax Power Station - the largest power station in the UK (thermal - coal burning)

Isle of Grain Refinery - partially abandoned (as can been seen to the west) 





Texas City Refineries - massive complex in Texas - processes about 1 million barrels a day of crude

Pernis Rotterdam refinery complex - huge refinery near Rotterdam in Holland - process about 700,000 bbls crude a day - Hollands largest refinery



Baction gas terminals - third largest gas terminal in the UK - built aorund 1970 on the Norfolk coast

Fawley Oil Refinery - ExxonMobile (Esso) - the largest oil refinery on the south coast of England

Courtesy of GoogleEarth

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