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Canada's Secret $2 Trillion Pact


Canada's Secret
$2 Trillion Gas Pact

Business Week confirms: [This deal] makes Canada a global energy “SUPERPOWER”...

And almost anyone could use it to secure a steady stream of income for the next ten years!


I’m still shocked that the financial press — any press wasn’t ALL OVER THIS.

Because back in mid-November, while most Americans were preparing for Thanksgiving, dreading a weekend with in-laws and plotting their Black Friday shopping routes...

China, along with several Asian countries, secured nearly every last cubic foot from one of the largest natural gas deposits on earth.

In total, about 500 trillion cubic feet worth more than enough gas to satisfy all of the Middle Kingdom’s demand for the next 19 years!

And enough to power the United States for the next 5 years.

It's all thanks to a dried-up riverbed about the size of Delaware tucked in the northernmost corner of British Columbia...

Far from the reach of the U.S. government’s disruptive policies, backlogs, and bottlenecks.

But not so far that investors can't easily profit from it.

And this deal is far and away the largest of its kind in history.

Amazingly, it also names the select group of publicly-traded companies chosen to extract and deliver it all...

Letting them split a pot currently valued at nearly $2 trillion dollars.

That’s a 2 with 12 zeros.

If Exxon landed a deal this big, even with a market cap of $416 billion, it would launch its share price more than 380%:

Google would go from $583 to more than $6,169.32:

Even Wal-Mart would open tomorrow trading 856% higher on the back of this massive deal:


As you can see, a $2 trillion cash injection makes the past six months of even the largest companies look flatlined.

The companies working this natural gas deal are (currently) much, much smaller...

Which means their share prices could move even higher!

Three of them I want to tell you about are already up 82%, 32%, and 54% since talks started.

But don't worry. Those gains are just the start of a massive profit run that could go on for at least the next ten years.

In fact, I firmly believe this deal represents the easiest way for any investor to safely at the very least double their money, year after year.

Hi. I'm Keith Kohl.

I'm the investment strategist for Energy Investor, a monthly investment advisory our firm publishes.

I'm proud to say Energy Investor also ranks as one of the most profitable advisories on the entire planet.

I'm even prouder to announce that since 2005, readers from all walks of life, from Wall Street's elite to novice traders who teach third grade for a living, have successfully used it help fulfill their financial dreams several times over thanks to gains like:

The list of winning plays that Energy Investor members profited from over the years continues for about four full pages.

You'll notice aside from the fact that they're ALL companies focused on energy production, that the gains while large are realistic. We're able to find them time and again thanks to good old-fashioned hard work and years of experience. Combined, my team alone has logged nearly half a century.

And today, I'm here to share with you every last detail of the latest and most jaw-dropping opportunity my team's uncovered.

(Jaw-dropping, as you'll soon agree, is an understatement.)

You see, as big as a $2 trillion deal is and as financially rewarding as it could be the sheer size of it isn’t what I’m ecstatic about.

It isn’t that this opportunity translates to more than a decade of reliable income for ANY investor following it, not to mention dividend payments that are already among the highest allowed by law...


What has my jaw stuck on the floor comes down to two words...


Simply put, the very same $3 gas we use and pay for here in the U.S. sells for $14 in China, and as much as $15 in Japan.

That's because it’s no secret that the U.S. heck, all of North America is awash with natural gas.

By far, North America has the world’s largest deposits. We have so much gas on our continent that we now have the Saudis looking for new customers...

In an article released by Reuters:


And as anyone following the recent U.S. shale story will tell you, our massive supply (along with the warmer than usual winter) is keeping market prices dirt cheap.

nat gas crashes
We've seen these low prices before...

But anyone investing in gas stocks a few years ago remembers the explosive profits we saw in late 2005 when gas traded in the $13-$14 range...

Or more recently, during the run in 2008 when prices again broke $11 and $12.

Both times, thanks to high prices, it seemed any company even looking for oil and gas gave shareholders like you monster returns in just a few months.

In the short run, my Energy Investor readers collected:

That list goes on.

Sometimes we strategically reinvested in the same companies again and again and were able to take advantage of massive leverage from high energy prices.

Profits like these, my friend, are precisely what has me so excited about this deal.

You see, inside of this contract...

The Chinese Already Pay
Four Times the Market Value for Gas!

As you've seen, for the same gas that you and I pay rock-bottom prices, Asian countries are accustomed to paying four times as much!

Until now, however, North Americans just haven't been able to land an easy deal for investors to take advantage of.

But that's all changing — and fast!

Companies involved with selling our cheap gas to Asia could now profit as though prices were back in the $12 range!

When I first read that, I didn't just check and recheck my sources...

I did all but learn Mandarin to uncover every last detail surrounding this record-setting energy deal.

Today, I'm happy to report this unique situation really is just like going back in time to 2008 — only without the mass hysteria!

And China wants these resources ASAP. They've recently committed $5.4 billion into infrastructure to speed up the process.

That's why the companies involved are already soaring!

Heck, I almost feel like we’re ripping them off, it’s so juicy...

And I almost feel guilty about it...

Almost. But not quite.

How Gazprom's Bullying
Set Up the Investment of the Decade

You see, until this deal, China was stuck importing most of their gas from two major sources: Turkmenistan and Russia's Gazprom.

And while they fully intend to keep importing from Turkmenistan, after years of Gazprom's bullying antics, threats to shut off power, and broken deal after broken deal, the Chinese are looking to drop Russia like a hot potato.

With their rapidly growing economy and energy consumption, the Chinese don't want to be held at the mercy of Gazprom's infamous price gouging — or worse.

You may remember the complete freeze-outs in the Ukraine...

2812.2.tearsheetAll because Gazprom decided to suddenly jack up the price by an additional $50 per 1,000 cubic meters, and the Ukraine didn't want to pay, millions were literally in the cold — in the middle of winter!

They've also become infamous for creating false shortages to raise prices that panic millions, from France to Turkey:

2812.3.tearsheetWith scores of their own pipeline deals crumbling time and again with Gazprom, who can blame the Chinese for wanting to secure a more friendly, stable source of energy?

For our end of it, as you'll see, things couldn't be better. That's because when it comes to energy deals, the companies involved in this one landed the mother lode.

China Lands Mega-Deal and Secures
the 4th
Largest Gas Deposit on the Planet

It's called the Horn River Basin.

Located in the northeast corner of British Columbia, this 400-million-year-old riverbed is only slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island...


And it contains the third largest accumulation of natural gas anywhere in North America, in a type of rock known as shale.

In fact, the giant gas field was formed at the same time as North America's other famous shale deposits — deposits that are now making headlines across the globe: the Marcellus and Haynesville Formations.

They are the only two in existence that are bigger than the Horn River Basin. Officially, it's the fourth-largest gas field in the entire world.

About 8,000 feet underground, the little-known Horn River's packing nearly 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

According to the Energy Information Agency, that's enough gas to meet California's gas demand for the next 100 years.

And as companies working in the unconventional gas world will tell you, the Horn River Formation's loaded with perks that make it far more appealing than its U.S. cousins...

First, its gas is several times more concentrated.

While the deposit is only marginally smaller than the Haynesville Formation, all of the Horn River's gas is located in an area just 1/3 the size... making any company's job of finding and extracting the gas far, far easier.

Second — and perhaps most important is its location.

I don't want to turn this into a political debate. But the facts remain that the U.S. is not mining friendly.

Not only is it extremely expensive to go through the purposefully delayed permit process, but the U.S. government can, does, and has shut down scores of operations on the slightest whim.

Canada, on the other hand, welcomes the business with open arms.

And being in Canada's mining-friendly British Columbia, companies are able to get to work months (even years!) faster — and for a whole lot cheaper than they ever could in the United States.

As I mentioned earlier, because the entire mining process is much more streamlined, companies taking part in the Horn River's amazing deal with China are already surging...

One company is up 82%, as it works on pipelines, warehouses, and transportation required to complete the project.

Natural Gas Stock 1
A second — one of the most prophetic shale gas companies in the world is up 43% as it prepares to secure some of the largest, most gas-rich land in the basin.

Natural Gas Stock 2
Another, a seasoned shale gas firm, is already enjoying a rapid 54% surge since this deal was signed.

Natural Gas Stock 3

And yet another one's setting up to pay shareholders a massive quarterly dividend — a dividend that, as far back as I can see, hasn't ever been skipped.

Of course, ten years ago, none of these gains would have even been possible.

In fact, if you told the public that you wanted to get gas from a bunch of rocks, you'd be laughed out of the room.

But thanks to technology that makes extracting gas from shale easier — and cheaper by the month companies are staking as many ground claims as they can fill out.

The Horizontal “Drill, Baby, Drill!” Recently Unlocked
the Largest Gas Deposits on Earth!

We've known oil and gas have been trapped in these massive rock formations for decades.

Getting it out was the challenge.

Since the 1950s, company after company tried their luck and failed time and again at extracting gas from these massive deposits.

However, it wasn't until recently that the secrets — and the riches could be unlocked on a massive and profitable scale.

It started as a technique called "horizontal directional drilling," in which wildcatters drill down to the oil and then kick out their well thousands of feet to the left or right, sort of like an underground sprinkler.

Here's what it looks like:

horizontal drilling 2
By itself, horizontal directional drilling wasn't quite enough to get the oil and gas out of the ground...

The real trick was to figure out how to both drill sideways and fracture the rock (fracking) to release the oil and gas inside, a technique that was not too long ago being perfected by Halliburton.

Separately, horizontal drilling and fracturing had been done before.

But not until recently had they been united in a way in which the two methods work well together.

Even today, horizontal drilling and “fracking” are not considered exact sciences; the process is part art and science.

But one fact remains: Some companies are better at horizontal drilling than others.

They're simply better suited for it. And they have more experience.

Sometimes it comes down to the particular geologist in charge...

In fact, this was the case with the Chinese — and exactly how they decided exactly which company they wanted working on their project.

They're using nearly the same set of criteria that I've used for years now to help Energy Investor readers land some of the best-performing energy plays the markets have to offer.

This same careful scrutiny keeps my inbox full of letters from happy readers and investors, like Richard Smith:


Or this one from Glyn Thorman, who wrote:

"I really enjoy Keith's commentary. And his stock calls have been pretty much dead-on. This has been the best money I've ever invested!"

You get the point.

We're as thorough as humanly possible in our research and in how we decide which companies to recommend to investors like you... and the results speak for themselves.

Companies that have the right touch at fracking and horizontal drilling — no matter how much natural gas or oil are trading for are reliably able to generate monstrous profits for their shareholders.

And this rapidly spreading technology is opening up some of the largest energy deposits on earth.

Just take a look at what this technology's recently made available!

Global Opportunities for Fracking are
Rapidly Spreading

World Shale Opportunities
Game-changing Technology that's Arriving
When We Need it Most

According to every global energy forecast, without these “unconventional” energy deposits, the world's progress in virtually every fashion wouldn't just come to a standstill. It would shut down.

According to the International Energy Agency's annual World Energy Outlook publication, the planet's going to need to increase our already-exhausted energy production by nearly 50% within the next two decades.

Skyrocketing Energy Forecast

energyforecasted2030.sized2And North America's natural gas is the key.

Mark my words: Energy — natural gas, specifically might be dirt cheap today... but in the coming months and years, we're in for a crunch.

And the companies at the forefront of shale technology (like the ones I've uncovered, thanks to China's energy play on the Horn River Basin), will be absolutely critical in meeting our demand.

In fact, I've outlined for you four of these companies that are leading the way, in a breaking report called: "The $2 Trillion Sino-Canada Energy Pact."

In it, I'll show you how to take advantage of the largest energy deal in history, from every possible angle.

In less time than it takes to check your email, you'll learn:

All together, this ground-breaking report leaves no stone unturned.

But as I've already mentioned, you'll want to act fast... Since November, when the deal solidified, the companies involved in this massive deal are already handing investors handsome returns even in the face of rock-bottom gas prices!

And the report, along with every other report I publish is yours now absolutely free!

All you need to do is take a trial run of my cutting-edge advisory, Angel Publishing's Energy Investor.

Get In on the Ground Floor of
One of the Largest American Energy Booms in History

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Keith Kohl.

I'm the energy analyst and investment strategist of the Energy Investor investment advisory.

I’ve built a very successful career at the forefront of new oil and natural gas discoveries. And my cutting-edge investment research has helped thousands of individual investors make life-changing wealth from the best stocks in the energy sector.

I don't like to brag, but Energy Investor members witnessed history being made as we helped transform the Bakken story from a blurb in a local newspaper to mainstream financial news!

In fact, Energy Investor members have made money on every significant oil and gas field — including Eagle Ford and Haynesville in Texas, the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, the Tar Sands of Alberta, Nova Scotia’s Maritimes and, of course, North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Pool.

"I really enjoy Keith's commentary and his stock calls have been pretty much dead on. Energy Investor has been the best money I've ever invested. "— G. Thorman

Another reader, Kim, told me...

Your insight has been great, I am up about 60% on BEXP, and about 40% on NOG. I was mocked when I told my friends about the Peak, but now we know who's getting the last laugh.

Here’s my favorite, from long-time subscriber Cheryl Burton:

Hello Keith, I wanted to let you know that thanks to your Brigham calls over the last three years, I've safely paid off my daughter's entire 4-year college tuition. Keep the picks coming.

Martin L. nearly tripled his investment...

Held NOG for about 14 months, some tough times, but patience paid off with a 261% gain. Best regards."

Like I said, my readers and I practically discovered the Bakken as an investment. And we racked up a string of gargantuan triple-digit winners.

But mark my words: This deal with China — a deal where companies are raking in 300% higher profit margins per shipment of gas could be the best investment you've ever made.

That's just the sort of excitement you can expect as a member of the Energy Investor. Whether it’s a small exploration company with a new discovery, or an established major that’s undervalued, you’ll know about it — and profit from it — every step of the way.

As I mentioned earlier, Energy Investor members have been at the forefront of the very best-performing oil and energy stocks since 2005!

We've been through it all. We've seen oil and gas prices spike in the wake of Katrina. We played the rally in 2008 as oil climbed to $147 a barrel. We even landed monster winners during the energy market crash in 2009, as oil tanked back to nearly $30 a barrel.

And Energy Investor showed even the most novice investors how to profit every single step of the way!

"Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the hard work you do in finding the great companies for your readers. Currently I am up 252%, 165%, and 101% respectively. You made a believer out of me. Regards." — N.W.

So, it's not to be taken lightly when I say that this natural gas deal, the one that China just locked up in British Columbia, could — without a doubt — be one of the most profitable investment opportunities you see in your lifetime.

It's a sector that, for the American market, is saturated.

But now that we have a way to export our cheap gas for a massive premium, anyone following it could make a legendary fortune in just a short period of time.

And when you sign up for Energy Investor, you'll immediately get access to the blockbuster Special Report, The $2 Trillion Sino-Canada Energy Pact.

Taking the first step, however, is up to you...

The World's BEST Energy Research —
Just Pennies a Day

When I started the Energy Investor, I set out to give investors the very best research and investment recommendations from the energy sector.

And with gains like 574%, 478%, 286%, 118%, and 114%, I am confident in saying, "Mission: Accomplished."

My readers are making more than top hedge funds, mutual funds, and even the savviest individual investors.

The proven ability to uncover life-changing wealth in the stock market is a valuable skill. And there's no doubt I could name my price for a membership to Energy Investor...

Is $2,000 too much to ask for 574%, 478%, 286%, 118%, and 114% profits?

How about $1,500? $1,000?

I've seen flashy reports with half the research depth you'll find in “The $2 Trillion Sino-Canada Energy Pact” sell for as much.

Even top energy hedge funds will charge thousands a year in fees... and they'll take part of your profits, too.

But you won't pay anywhere near that much for the Energy Investor...

If you act now, you can get the Energy Investor for the ultra-low price of just $49 — for an entire year of profitable research and Special Reports.

"Hello, I have to admit that I joined your service more out of desperation than anything else but am I glad that I did! My recent trading history is poor to say the least. I'm just sorry that I didn't act on your information sooner but I guess I can't be too upset with a 250% boost in one week! Keep up the great work." — Judy, a very satisfied member

That’s just $4 and change a month to discover consistent market-beating profits from the best energy investments in the world...

Mere pennies a day for the high level research that can double or triple your money!

Why so cheap?

Well, thanks to these developments in horizontal drilling and fracking, America's standing on the doorstep of the most exciting investment age in over 100 years.

If I didn't believe in the research my team and I are doing, we wouldn't spend weeks traveling to the Barnett Shale, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Kiev, Ukraine, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana...

The point is, we get around. And I want you to have the opportunity to profit from it all.

So I make my research and investment advice as cheap as possible. (Don't worry, I'm very well compensated for my work.)

When you join Angel Publishing's Energy Investor today, you will receive:

And don't forget about your profitable Special Reports...

I've already mentioned my first report, “The $2 Trillion Sino-Canada Energy Pact,” which provides your inside look at the largest energy contract in history, and how you can use it to safely collect massive profits for at least the next ten years!

When you join now, I'll also send you three additional bonus reports to get you up to speed on even more life-changing opportunities:

Research Report #1: "Bakken Billions: 3 Bakken Stocks Under $10 for Triple-Digit Gains" The Wall Street Journal calls it the biggest find in the lower 48 states in over 50 years. Insiders believe there are more than 24 billion barrels of barrels of light sweet crude in the Bakken's shale formation. Invest now and make your own Bakken fortune!

Research Report #2: "Protect Your Wealth from Peak Oil" – Oil insiders know it — and so do the politicians. Oil prices aren’t coming down, and production isn’t going up. You simply can’t go wrong with North American companies that own oil and gas reserves... Here’s a $4 stock that has over $2.3 billion worth of oil and natural gas. This stock could easily double or triple your money.

Research Report #3: "The Future of Fracking: How to Maximize Your Petroleum Profits" – Here’s an undervalued picks-and-shovels play that’s growing like wildfire from the cutting-edge drilling technique known as “fracking.” This company’s products are indispensible for fracking, yet few investors have ever heard of it. But this company won’t stay off the radar for long... Be there to profit as investors discover this wealth-building opportunity.

And best of all: a full, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don't agree Energy Investor delivers the safest and most lucrative energy investment ideas and recommendations you've ever received, just let us know...

I'll see that you receive full reimbursement for the money you've paid.

(And no matter what, the Special Reports, including “The $2 Trillion Sino-Canada Energy Pact, are yours to keep — FREE OF CHARGE.)

But you'll need to act fast if you want to take advantage of this energy deal before the companies involved experience even higher share price surges...

These stocks are on investors' radar now. And some big moves are coming soon.

I urge you to start building your fortune today by clicking here.

Good investing,

Keith Kohl
Investment Director,
Energy Investor




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