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Energy Insights: Energy News: Following Rossi’s E-Cat, Another Cold Fusion Device Attracts Commercial Interest

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Following Rossi’s E-Cat, Another Cold Fusion Device Attracts Commercial Interest




Brillouin Energy has entered into its first international licensing agreement covering three nations.  The firm is involved in on-going negotiations for other potential international partners.  This makes the second Cold Fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction (LANR) and Brillouin’s Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) idea to attract commercial interest.  The other being the Rossi led effort.

For a first person view of the news pull the YouTube up to 30 minutes and listen to the Robert Godes and Robert George interview.

Brillouin’s CECR starts by introducing hydrogen into a suitable piece of nickel (or other metal with the correct internal geometry).  A proprietary electronic pulse generator then creates stress points in the metal where the applied energy is focused into very small spaces.  This concentrated energy allows some of the protons in the hydrogen to capture an electron, and thus become a neutron. This step converts a small amount of energy into mass in the neutron.

More pulses both create more neutrons and allow neutrons to combine with some of the hydrogen to form deuterium (a form of hydrogen with both a proton and a neutron in the nucleus).  This ‘combination’ step releases energy.  The process continues, again, with some neutrons combining with deuterium to form tritium (hydrogen with one proton and two neutrons).  This step releases still more energy.  The process continues with some neutrons combining with the tritium to form quadrium (hydrogen with one proton and three neutrons).  Since quadrium is not stable, it quickly turns into helium in a process that releases more energy than it took to create all the preceding steps.

Brillouin’s power equation is 2.4 units of energy going in and 24 units coming out.

The Brillouin CECR is thought to be quite versatile.  The released energy is initially absorbed by the metal element, and then made available as heat.  At lower temperatures, this generated heat can be used directly for space heating, hot water and similar applications. Further refinements of the Brillouin Energy system will produce the higher temperatures needed for electrical generation, dry industrial stream and industrial processes.

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Using CECR is very light on hydrogen resource demands.  The amount of hydrogen in a 8-oz (237 ml) glass of water holds the energy equivalent of the gasoline needed to fill up 7903 Ford Explorers or to power 3279 average homes for a month. The nickel or other metal element acts only as a host and catalyst, and is not consumed.

The CECR is different than the Rossi device that reportedly needs a “catalyst” switch out at about six months of operation.

Big investment money is lining up.  Brillouin has raised about $3 million in funding.  A “second stage” $20M investment conditional agreement from Sunrise Securities of New York for $20 million is now in place.

The Sunrise deal offers to purchase 15% of Brillouin post-money, conditional on Brillouin moving ahead with and completing successful testing of its CECR at SRI.

The Sunrise folks are also linking the investment to Brillouin striking preliminary agreement to acquire at least one “stranded asset” conventional fuel source small scale (5-10MW) power plant, with existing conventional co-generation equipment, and replacing (retrofitting) the old fuel source with Brillouin’s CECR, together with renewal of an operating power purchase or steam heat contract with an industrial or a utility.

The $20M Sunrise offer would fund full commercial launch of this merchant power supply retrofit business model after successful testing of the CECR called NHB™ at SRI.

Brillouin’s Hot Tube Commercial Scale Boiler
Brillouin’s Hot Tube Commercial Scale Boiler

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Chances are the Brillouin team will get to commercial scale.  Key expert affiliates of Sunrise includes a former director of the California Public Utilities Commission independent power division who has already provided potential acquisition candidates, available for negligible cost, with power contracts already in place.

Looks like a done deal.  Cold Fusion is almost here. If Brillouin can scale up.

Your humble writer suspects the Brillouin team will scale up and do it in a successful and classy fashion.

Rah! Brillouin!

By. Brian Westenhaus


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